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Location: Hamburg, Germany

I love swimming, reading and writing and my computer! My husband and I live in a big house with our cat, Lucky. Together we have 4 children of whom only our youngest daughter still lives with us.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

e-learning is like a bunch of flowers- growing and blooming in a great variety of shades

That's me


I am a passionate e-learner and trainer and have been training lots of online trainers so far. My mission is:
The innovative potential of new technology in course delivery is changing the way we teach and it will consequently also influence the way people learn. Successful online courses are more than just electronic reproductions of face- to- face sessions. They require new concepts of delivery that enable the learner to organise their learning in a self responsible way. The concept of online training within virtual classrooms illustrated on this homepage is not about clicking on links and downloading material, it is about communication and collaboration online.